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Afg - Bur
Cam - Dom
Ecu - Guy
Hai - Kyr
Lao - Mya
Nam - Qat
Reu - Syr
Tai - Zim
South Africa
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Europlate Newsletters

  Europlate  publishes  four newsletters
  per year:  on the first day of February,
  May, August and November.

  Each edition  usually contains  thirty-
  two  A4  pages,  four  of which  are in
  full colour.

  Illustrated here  are three pages  from
  the edition of 1st August 2007;  click
  on an imagine to see a larger version.

  We can  assure you  that  the quailty
  of  the  print   is  considerably  better
  than  can  be shown in this graphic.