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Welcome to Europlate

        This website is here to inform the reader about Europlate,  to help promote the information and sales of Europlate’s book: Registration Plates of the World and also its newsletters,  and to permit access to the online version of Registration Plates of the World.
        Europlate is the trading name of the European Registration Plate Association which was formed in 1972 to cater for those who collect, or are otherwise interested in, vehicle registration plates.   Click here for a brief summary of the Association.
        Registration Plates of the World was published by Europlate in 2004 and has details of all motor vehicle registration plates to be seen on the roads of the world today, and a summary of many plates that are now obsolete.   There are over 400 jurisdictions, 800 pages of text and over 7000 black and white plate photographs. Click here to buy RPW.
        The Interpol Guide to Vehicle Registration Plates was published by Europlate from 2000 to 2005. Regrettably publication of this Guide has ceased and is thus no longer available.
        Europlate Membership is recommended for those interested in keeping up to date with all the latest information both in our newsletters and via our online website.   Please see our Membership area for details how to join and how much it costs.
        Since August 2006 Registration Plates of the World has been available Online.   Initially this was limited to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, but since August 2007 all the world’s jurisdictions have been covered.   Access is available only to Europlate members; anyone wishing to access the site must pay the annual membership fee:  email us for further details.   Five static sample pages are available to give some idea of the material presented by RPW Online.